Main Facilities

Made in Italy

Lift capacity over 900 tons, Rolling up to 300mm, 3 Boring Mill machines with 650 tons capacity turntable, 2 large vertical lathes working up to 6,5 m in diameter, 2 BTA Drilling machines, Broaching machine for Tube Support Plates and buffing & honing machine plus all the state-of-the-art welding machines. Linear accelerators for X-Rays and sophisticated Ultrasonic devices are used.

"All nuclear components can be easily fabricated thanks to our unlimited machining capabilities"

Main Manufacturing Equipment

The use of the maufacturing techniques supported by "state-of-the-art" equipment under a straightforward and unyielding Quality Assurance Program, is the key for the outstanding results achieved by Mangiarotti Nuclear.

The rolling machine is one of the most powerful around the world and is capable of cold rolling nuclear grade plates up to 250mm thick. Tubesheet and plate drilling is performed using either one of our two numerical control deep drilling machines equipped with three spindles. The \"gun drill\" or BTA technique can be used to drill up to 1000 mm. Two big boring mill machines and one vertical lathe complete the array of the machinery used to manufacture any kind of heavy components.

The Metallurgical Laboratory

Is equipped with very sophisticated instruments for all the mechanical tests (Tensile Test, Compression Test, Bend Test, Charpy Test , Drop Weight Test, Hardness Test) and chemical analysis (Instrumental Quantitative Inert Gas Analyzer for C, S, O, N, PMI Analysis, Corrosion Test).
The Laboratory plays a key role in the qualification of the Mangiarotti Nuclear welders (according to the ASME Code and Euro Norm), which is made completely in-house.