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Mangiarotti SpA’s two world-class manufacturing facilities in Italy - located in Monfalcone and Pannellia - are each equipped with the most technologically advanced fabrication equipment used today. The modernized facilities employ sophisticated, automated production capabilities focused on delivering precise and high-quality construction of specialized reactors, pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

The company’s state-of-the-art facilities include a large modular furnace, large fixed furnace with advanced controls, large clean room for reactive material fabrication, large “twin” CNC milling machines, large CNC turning lathe and a deep pit for specialized vertical construction.

In addition, Mangiarotti uses automatic tube welding and rolling machine, an automatic plate blaster, large plate cutting table, beveling machine and heavy plate rolls in the manufacture of its equipment. Each Mangiarotti’s facilities have easy access to some of the finest port facilities in Europe to enhance delivery of its specialized products throughout the world.