Main Manufacturing


Welding Machines

Submerged Arc Welder, 800/1250 Amp. max. Ø 6000 mm. x 6000 length
Submerged Arc Welder, 800/1250 Amp. max. Ø 9000 mm. x 7000 length
Tandem Power Wave Lincoln 1200 Amp. Max Ø 9500 mm. x 10000 length
Tandem Power Wave Lincoln 1200 Amp. Max Ø 7500 mm. x 9000 length
Inert Gas-Metal Arc
Semiautomatic submerged arc, type MINI-TRAC
Rotary/static welding machines from 200 to 400 Amps
Automatic welding machine for flanges up to Dia 1200 mm. ESAB
Automatic Submerged Arc Welder for flanges up to Dia 600 mm. ESAB
Grinding head type KOMBI - KS 1200 for Ø max. 6000 and length 5000 mm - FARROS-BLATTER
Welding machine "PULSE ARC" Messer type PULSOMAT 450-2
Welding machine Autotig 250 POLYSUD for welding tube- to-tubesheet Tandem automatic welding machine "ARMCO".
Automatic Internal Bore Welding Machine
Automatic welding tubes to tubesheet machine "MAUS MA2005"
Automatic Saw nozzles to shell welding machine


Vertical multispindle lathe CN max. Ø 6300 mm. x H. 3150 mm
Vertical multispindle lathe max. Ø 2200 mm. x 1700 mm
Boring Mill machine INNSE : Lenght 23000 mm x H. 7200 with 300 Tons of max Weight.
Lathe max. Ø 700 mm. x 11000 mm. length
Lathes of various diameters and lengths

Drilling Machines

Deep Drilling Machine INNSE with no. 3 spindles up to 1000mm Thk.. 150 Tons of max weight.
Radial drilling machine max. Ø 2800 mm
Radial drilling machine max. Ø 1800 mm
Drilling machines for tubesheet with numerical control Ø 2200 mm

Rolling Machines

Plate Rolling machine Power 6200 Tons. thk max 350 mm x 3600 mm width
Plate roll, cold press thk 100 mm x 3000 mm width, hot press thk 140 mm x 3000 mm width
Plate roll 50 mm. thk. x 3000 mm. width
Plate roll 50 mm thk x 4000 mm width


Eccentric presses up-to 200 tons
Hydraulic press for test of prefabricated pipes up-to 2500 mm. ø x 7000 mm. lg
Hydraulic press of 400 tons
Hydraulic press for plates bending of 1600 tons


Welding positioned , From 5 to 350 Tons . Type READCO,THAG,ARONSON
150 tons, anti-drift
500 tons, anti-drift
250 tons, anti-drift
1500 tons, anti-drift
Several pieces of 120, 60, 30 5 tons.

Stress Relieving Furnaces

Stress relieving furnace mm 6500 x 6500 x 25000 with automatic control, max. temperature 720°C
Stress relieving furnace mm 10000 x 10000 x 50000 with automatic control, max. temperature 720°C
Electrical equipment for local stress relieving with recording GPL flame for local stress relieving with recording
Electrical equipment for U-tubes stress relieving.

Other Shop Equipment

Complete equipment for shot blasting facilities
Stress relieving furnace mm 9000 x 9000 x 50000 with automatic control, max. temperature 720°C
Boring machine "VISA 85".
Gear cutting machine Milling machine, 2 vertical and 2 horizontal
Squaring shears width 2000 thk. 10 mm
Squaring shears ILMA width 3000 mm. thk. 16 mm
Slitting machine 1 
Shaping machine
Planing machine up-to 1670 mm. x 5500 mm
Chamfering machine for plates
Cropper machines for structural shape up-to 160 mm
Open-Frame power Hammerl
Oxygen cutting
Delivery Van
Trucks (long vehicles).
Agitator truck ORMI-CARMAN
Compressor ATLAS COPCO
Electronic welding 300 Amp
Shear Oxy-acetylene cutting plates of 4000 x 24000 with NC and Plasma
Planing machine up-to 2300 x 8000 Boring machine "LAZZATI 130".
Bending machine for tubes/profiles "FERRO"
Automatic expanding tubes to tubesheet machine "MAUS".
CNC SAW for test coupons Hydraulic bolt tensioning equipment W.P. 21750 psi 1"÷2".
Band Sawing Machine Radio control Dolly to move material in our works, carrying 20 tons
Bevelling machine with the following main data: 15600 mm length; 10÷180 mm thicknesses; weight up to 100 tons; visual monitor results.
Moving milling CNC machine: y = 5000; x = 18000; z = 1750+1500.


Automatic blasting machine of 3600 x 800 x 12000 mm. for plates