New awarded contracts update

Some exciting news as we approach the end of this challenging year

While we are fabricating two WHB packages for our long-standing Client Haldor Topsoe A/S (a world class Company specialised in the production of catalyst and in the design of process plants based on catalytic processes), we have been awarded one additional package for a new plant in Turkey under the HTAS license. This is composed of 3 Waste Heat Boilers with fixed tubesheets and U-tubes, a Steam Drum and the relevant interconnecting piping. Quality units with a bunch of interesting technical features that HTAS is well known for. Given the weights and the sizes involved, this package nicely fits into the Pannellia di Sedegliano headquarters plant.

To make our experience in separation technology even more impressive, a new contract has just been awarded by Sinopec Engineering Company (a subsidiary of the chinese oil giant) for the Rapid 2 Project in Malaysia. The 4 centrifugal separators include the process internals as well as the process performance guarantee. Although these unit are heavy wall/high pressure, again their size permit manufacturing and testing to be entirely performed in the hystorical Pannellia shop.

Last but not least, Haldor Topsoe A/S – who are also very active  in the revamping business of Ammonia Plants - were kind enough to consider again Mangiarotti as their supplier of choice for two other packages : one WHB and one Exchange Reformer shell for PetroVietnam plant, and one more Exchange Reformer shell for a plant in India. The purpose of these units is to boost the existing plant production capacity by 20-30%.  Surely its not about huge components, but again something that falls within that special equipment category engineered and built under the proprietary process technology of HTAS, and complex enough to require a quality manufacturer like Mangiarotti for the fabrication…and again a new fine job for Pannellia shop ! Congratulation to all the Mangiarotti Team for these remarkable achievements !