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Mangiarotti at the Iran Oil Show

Tehran, 6-9 May, 2017

Sometimes we do not even realize ourselves how long and significant our experience is in supporting countries with a thriving potential.

Iran is definitely one of those remarkable examples. 

Indeed, our first job delivered in that area is dated back in 1975…that may sound incredible, considering how many changes affected our Company, the Persian nation, and even the entire World,  in the latest four decades.  

At that time Mohammad Reza Palavi was the Shah of Persia and we were building small and light carbon steel exchangers for the NIOC Tabriz plant.  

Forty-two years later we are still here,  building massive tubular reactors and waste heat boilers for several petrochemical plants.  

To furtherly witness our support to the amazing potential of the Persian people, we have attended to the 2017 Iran Oil Show, an outstanding event that was so successful in terms of quantity and quality of the attendees, ranging from prestigious State Companies, growing End Users, international EPC Contractors, and top class Manufacturers.  

A great thanks to all our Customers who were so kind and interested in Mangiarotti’s latest developments !