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Zachry / CBI JV HP MR Separators FOB Delivery

Two Heavy Wall SS Vessels for Texas LNG Plant

Monfalcone shop, September & October 2016

Latest weeks have been exciting at both Monfalcone and Sedegliano sites, with a few new big contracts entered.

But, what we’d really like to mention is the delivery of the High Pressure MR Separators in Monfalcone, conceived in the wake of the “shale gas revolution” taking place in North America.

These are big stainless steel vessels (300 Tons each, 128 mm wall thickness, all solid 304/304L Dual Grade Stainless Steel...), key components in the Air Products proprietary cryogenic liquefaction process called AP-C3MR®.

These vessels are going be used at the Freeport LNG Quintana Island plant, currently under construction in Texas, to produce LNG (liquefied natural gas) from the locally abundant shale gas. The MR fluid (mixed refrigerant) is utilized as a cold source for the natural gas liquefaction and subcooling, and is separated into two phases inside these impressive heavy wall stainless steel vessels, that have been just completed at our port facility.

It’s also worth mentioning that we finished ahead of schedule….another great achievement indeed, that we have been able to accomplish thanks to the great cooperation with our prestigious Customer Zachry-CB&I JV. This challenging Project is proving once more how powerful and effective the new state-of-the-art Monfalcone facility is for the heavy wall components manufacturing.

Thanks to the Mangiarotti Team and … good job guys !

Herebelow a video clip of the final activities :

MR HP Separator Loading