Mangiarotti’s range of products includes pieces like the Vaporizer Column Reboiler, which is a BEM vertical Heat Exchanger made in carbon steel, but having the peculiarity of tubes in Monel 400, the fixed tubesheets having Monel 400 weld overlay on tube side, and an Inconel 625 expansion joint on shell side.

This Heat Exchanger is part of a challenging project for one of our International Licensors, with a final destination the Middle East.

This Heat Exchanger is 9,37 m long by 3,18 m and weighs 40,8 tons.

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Mangiarotti successfully manufactures the MEG Column Condenser

A new cargo containing our latest completed item, a MEG (Mono-Ethylene Glycol) Column Condenser, is ready to leave our Italian Plant Mangiarotti from the Monfalcone harbor for the Saudi Arabia market. This Shell & Tube heat exchanger – weighting 145 tons, measuring 15.5 meters long with a diameter of 5.9 meters, and with more than 8,300 stainless steel straight tubes (OD 25,4 mm x thickness 1,65 mm x length 10.700 mm) - has been designed according to TEMA "R", API 660 and ASME VIII div. 1 2017 Ed.

The heat exchanger is a fixed tube sheets one, which processes water on the shell side and Mono-Ethylene Glycol on the tube side. Thanks to the dedication of our team, it meets our customer’s requirements by minimizing on-site interventions for the insertion of the new item by minimizing nozzle stand outs.

Mangiarotti successfully delivers Gas POX Reactor

Another on-time delivery for Mangiarotti, living up to all customer expectations! A Gas POX Reactor (designed to be part of a Natural Gas Partial Oxidation Process) left Mangiarotti, bound for the U.S. market.

Gas POX - Natural Gas Partial Oxidation - is a process for generating syngas and oxogas through the partial oxidation of a hydrocarbon feed in a refractory-lined reactor. The reactor manufactured by Mangiarotti is mainly composed by two chambers in series made in low alloy and with an internal line respectively of refractory and stainless steel weld overlay.

The overall dimension of this item is 2300 x 15200 mm length, with a weight of approximately 52 tons.

Mangiarotti successfully delivers methanol reactor for the Indian Oil & Gas industry

Mangiarotti has successfully delivered a methanol reactor to one of the most important international licensors from the Oil & Gas industry, with end application for a petrochemical plant in India.

Manufactured and shipped by the Mangiarotti facility in Monfalcone, this oversize equipment weighs 136 tons and is made in special alloy and tubes in duplex which required highly-skilled manpower and technical expertise. Seven of these components have been provided around the world in the last three years. The shipment also included the delivery of a steam drum, risers and downcomers.

The Mangiarotti teams have also been able to support the customer with specific certifications required for the Indian market and ensured that it was delivered on time.