Health, Safety and Environment

That's our strategy

Mangiarotti’s Health, Safety and Environmental strategy represents the very core of the company and its commitment to delivering the highest quality products in the world.

All of us at Mangiarotti - from managers to supervisors to employees - have a responsibility to work safely and watch for the safety of others throughout our production process. Safety not only includes ensuring safe-working practices for all but also maintains that every facet of production at Mangiarotti is conducted with an eye toward environmental and social responsibility both to our communities and the world at large.

It is Mangiarotti’s commitment to comply with all applicable environmental legislation and our own environmental standards throughout production. In addition, Mangiarotti’s engineers are consistently developing methods for producing the equipment we make in a more efficient and ecologically sustaining manner. Employees receive training that enables them to integrate environmental considerations into their daily workflow and we work with our clients and partners to ensure there is a common environmental scope on each project. Mangiarotti is focused on continuing to build an environmentally and socially responsible company that not only provides the best products to our customers but also improves and enhances the communities where we do business.