Mangiarotti S.p.A. has a proven reputation for designing and manufacturing the highest quality reactors, pressure vessels and heat exchangers in the world.

The company’s products are currently in use in a variety of capacities in the energy and process industries, including midstream and downstream production; refining, petrochemicals and intermediates; chemicals and fertilizers; onshore/offshore oil & gas; powers and utilities; and fibers and textiles. These varying industries have counted on Mangiarotti’s custom-designed and manufactured solutions to deliver results for decades.

For industries where processing equipment is at the core of business, Mangiarotti has built vessels, reactors, autoclaves, columns, towers, drums, separators, splitters and strippers. The company has also distinguished itself as the premier manufacturer of condensers, coolers, boilers and heat exchangers for customers who need state-of-the-art heat transfer equipment.

Mangiarotti prides itself on using the highest quality materials in construction and manufacture of its products. These materials include stainless steels, non-ferrous metals, carbon steels, reactive metals – including titanium – solid and clad steels. Due to the company’s continuing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, each product engineered, designed and manufactured by Mangiarotti must exceed our exacting standards during in-house testing to be deemed ready for shipment to our clients throughout the world.

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